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Job Ad, Software Developer

Software developers to fight global ignorance!

Gapminder is innovating new open source data visualizations to be distributed in free teaching material, translated into all major languages and used by millions of people across the world. Massive amounts of statistics will be visualized on all kinds of devices. Now we need you!

Gapminder is hiring software developers in Stockholm. Do you have experience of: JavaScript, d3.js, Node.js, PHP, Yii, SQL or NoSQL? We are open for discussing different kinds of employments. Consultant-contracts are also possible.

If you want to work with Gapminder, please fill out this form before December 20, 2013. We will read your application and get back to you no later than Dec 24, hopefully asking you to come for an interview and/or giving you some programming tasks.

Just so you know: we pay less attention to your academic scores and more attention to url's to websites that show your skills. In case you are missing some qualification, please be honest about it. You may still be able to convince us that you're the right person for the job. Swedish language skills are not required, but it's OK; Om du helst pratar svenska så går det också bra.

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